saw an old friend from high school in the coffee shop and we were chatting and he saw my nails and was like “haha you goin tr*nny? When you start hormones?” I was like never use that around me, it’s used when people murder trans folk. He then quickly left for class.

Really good things are coalescing in my life right now. I still need to buckle down when it comes to school, but life is really coming together. Talking with a huge cutie right now too :))


'techno color' | eleonora baumann | madame figaro august 2014 | by billy nava

It’s bi visibility day AYEEEEEEE WHAT UP

"Repressing desire, not only for others but in oneself, being the cop for others and for oneself – that is what arouses, and it is not ideology, it is economy. Capitalism garners and possesses the force of the aim and the interest (power), but it feels a disinterested love for the absurd and nonpossessed force of the machine. Oh, to be sure, it is not for himself or his children that the capitalist works, but for the immortality of the system. A violence without purpose, a joy, a pure joy in feeling oneself a wheel in the machine, traversed by flows, broken by schizzes. Placing oneself in apposition where one is thus traversed, broken, fucked by the socius, looking for the right place where, according to the aims and the interests assigned to us, one feels something moving that has neither an interest nor a purpose. A sort of art for art’s sake in the libido, a taste for a job well done, each one in his own place, the banker, the cop, the soldier, the technocrat, the bureaucrat, and why not the worker, the trade-unionist. Desire is agape."

Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, Anti-Oedipus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia, pg. 346-47 (via dw-miller)

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Seriously, shout out to WE Act, South Bronx Unite, Build On, El Puente and the many other groups that marched with our contingency through NYC. You are great people invoking radical change :’)

Here’s a picture I took at the climate march. During the moment of silence, thousands of people held up their fists in solidarity with one another. It was a really surreal moment.