I’ve had an absolutely AMAZING weekend like omg.


hey buddy

Omg my girlfriend tranny3 is coming down to Morgantown today :3

omg i really might finish this merleau-ponty paper before 2am holy shit. i just won philosophy




Tumblr, we need you! A rogue Arizona State representative, John Kavanagh, wants to pass a bill that would thow trans people in jail for using public restrooms. Anyone could be asked for I.D. to “prove” their gender, and if there’s a discrepancy they could face a fine or jailtime.
When asked why the bill targeted trans people, Kavanagh explained that it’s because he thinks “they’re weird.” Outrageous.
We can stop this bill by taking action at www.allout.org/arizona and spreading the word far and wide. Will you help?

please oh god this is my state

Signal boosting

fuck arizona forever
signal booooooost


St. Vincent- Laughing With A Mouth Of Blood 

"All of my old friends aren’t so friendly
All of my old haunts are now all haunting me”

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dealing with my breakup the only way i know how: the shitty photobooth in the basement of my local mall
i have a lot of film to drop off, new work coming soon

at this point my goal in philosophy is to just completely nuke my brain and it’s constructs like im just consuming deleuze and ponty and bataille just to burn it all away